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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

DOMUS – A Promising Enterprise for Quality uPVC Products


Who doesn't want their property to be filled with high-quality materials that are also attractive? Naturally, yes is the common response. Domus unquestionably satisfies the needs and demands of every property owner as the industry leader in the Caribbean that produces premium uPVC windows and doors. You won't need to worry about choosing between quality and beauty because we are the window manufacturers of high-grade materials that also prove to be aesthetically pleasing.

What’s So Good About uPVC?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a common material used in the creation of windows and doors. Due to the absence of plasticizers, it is more rigid and more durable than regular PVC. It is a rigid, strong, and versatile material. Additionally, a variety of customized options are available for manufacturing. The appearance of other materials, such as black and wood, can also be replicated using uPVC, however the natural colour of uPVC is white. This natural white colour will outlast any other pigment which is added. Aside from uPVC frames being fire retardant, recyclable, adaptable, and environmentally friendly, uPVC has a solid reputation.

uPVC; A Better Choice Than Aluminium

Homeowners currently face a new conundrum: which material to choose for their windows. This is due to the plethora of materials utilized in window manufacture. It has been quite a long time since the argument regarding uPVC windows vs. aluminum windows was started, and it is more difficult to reach an agreement than you may think it would be. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to conclude that uPVC is a winner due to the benefits it provides over aluminum. uPVC has the following benefits:

1- Pricing

Installing a window made of aluminum typically costs much more than installing a window made of uPVC due to production costs as well as the type of material it is.

Purchasing uPVC windows from Domus’ factory in Trinidad would be a wise decision for you if you want windows that you can install and then completely forget about. Not only are they typically less expensive than aluminum windows, but they also last remarkably long. When coupled with their great resistance to decay, uPVC windows are ideal for people wishing to put windows in any size building.

2- Energy Efficiency

The windows' ability to insulate your home is another crucial consideration. In this respect, aluminum is inferior to UPVC. In contrast to aluminum, it does not allow heat to pass through, making the other an ideal insulator. For a very long time, uPVC has been regarded as an excellent material to use for insulation, and many uPVC windows and doors have a very high level of thermal efficiency.

Additionally, multiple-point locks on multi-chambered UPVC door frames provide a superior seal. A benefit that some homeowners might find essential is the sound reduction that this feature gives UPVC windows and doors. Due to their superior thermal and acoustic insulation, UPVC windows and doors are substantially better.

3- Durability 

Undoubtedly, UPVC material has this benefit. UPVC windows, in contrast to metal, won't rust or deteriorate with time. Due to its low care requirements, UPVC merely has to be cleaned with a damp cloth to look brand new. In spite of its durability, an aluminum window supplier must be contacted for occasional maintenance of aluminum windows. Keep in mind, though, that double-glazed windows may require some upkeep over the course of their lifespan, including the replacement of sealed sections. Modern UPVC windows are often projected to last 30 to 40 years. In contrast, aluminum-clad windows (aluminum over wood) only have a lifespan of roughly half that, at no more than 15 to 20 years.

4- Aesthetics

You may not have realized it, but the windows, doors, and other items you select will be influenced by the design of your home far more than you might have thought. Whatever windows you eventually choose to go with will have to reflect the style you want to go with; this will depend on when your property was built, where it was built, or even how much your property is worth.

Effortless and stylish? Yes, the material you need to do both, is uPVC. There are more styles available than ever before, and some of them can even be customized to your own preferences. To fit your property's aesthetic and set it out from the other properties on the block, there is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations for your architect or contractor to create magic.

Domus Windows & Doors for the Caribbean

Domus Windows and Doors offers a broad selection of white uPVC window and door profiles that are extremely customizable and provide toughness, affordability, good fire resistance, a high operating pressure point, and a long lifespan - all thanks to their robust construction.

Modern equipment and technology are used to manufacture uPVC profiles from the highest-quality raw materials. Strict quality checks are a must at every stage of the procedure to guarantee the highest level of quality and performance. All profiles are produced using premium lead-free uPVC compounds which are then assembled accurately and scientifically.

Every step of the process is carefully observed by the quality control team, and hurricane-resistant units are put through a series of demanding quality inspections to guarantee compliance with international standards of quality that every contractor would love to work with. All of these organized and well-thought-out procedures enable us to produce beautiful, strong, and adaptable profiles that outperform your expectations and last for a very long time.

Our Distributors

Your home or place of business shouldn't contain materials of poor quality. For that reason, depend on Domus windows, which you can obtain from our growing list of distributors on most Caribbean islands by a quick Google search of uPVC windows near me. These include:

·         Damus Building Solutions (Trinidad)

·         T&Z Home Improvement Centre (Trinidad)

·         Allied Home Centre (Trinidad)

·         Ramlagans Hardware (Trinidad)

·         Ramrattans Hardware (Trinidad)

·         Almandoz Hardware Limited (Tobago)

·         Synergy Consultancy Ltd (Anguilla)

·         Do It Centre (Dominica)

·         Caribbean Shutters Windows & Doors (Agent) (Grenada)

·         Hardware Solutions Depot (Guyana)

·         Stages (Jamaica)

·         Caribbean Metals (St. Lucia)

·         Island Bazaar (St. Lucia)

Domus for Quality Components & Warranty Service

Components of Domus uPVC products have a 20-year warranty on frames against rot, swelling, blistering, peeling, rust, and corrosion. The best materials in the entire world are used by Domus. Due to the non-deterioration of Domus products, building owners and remodeling contractors can anticipate a lengthy time of productive usage with little maintenance and no replacement requirements.

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