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An Invisible Shield: How Windows Safeguard Your Home


Windows, often overlooked in home security discussions, serve as essential components in safeguarding your residence. Beyond providing natural light and ventilation, windows play a pivotal role in fortifying your home against intruders and environmental hazards. In this article, we'll delve into the multifaceted ways windows contribute to home safety and explore strategies to maximize their protective capabilities

Burglary Deterrence: Windows serve as potential entry points for burglars. Unsecured, aged, or flimsy windows are easy targets for intruders seeking unauthorized access. Investing in elegant yet robust locking mechanisms and high-strength impact-resistant laminate glass (such as Domus Security Laminate or High-Impact Laminate) thwart burglary attempts and safeguard your loved ones and your property. Burglar bars are only necessary for windows or doors that are left open.

Natural Disaster Protection: During severe weather events such as strong winds or hurricanes, windows are susceptible to damage from flying debris. Impact-resistant glass offers protection against such hazards, mitigating the risk of property damage and ensuring occupant safety.

Fire Safety: In the event of a fire, opening windows without burglar bars, serve as vital escape routes. Maintaining clear access to windows and eliminating obstructions enhances evacuation efficiency.

Child Safety: Laminate glass in all doors and windows that are near the floor, prevent young children from potentially life-threatening injuries that can result from single-pane glass. Window opening limiters on elevated windows mitigate the risk of accidental falls providing peace of mind for parents and caregivers. Bug screens prevent insect intrusions. 

Privacy and Surveillance: While windows offer panoramic views and natural illumination, they also cause privacy concerns. Utilizing unique window configurations with textured glass for bathrooms and entrance doors enhances privacy without compromising aesthetic appeal. Moreover, strategically positioned windows facilitate surveillance of outdoor areas, enabling homeowners to monitor their surroundings for suspicious activities. Expert advice from knowledgeable window supplier can result in the best window configuration for facilitating surveillance.


Windows constitute more than mere apertures for ventilation and illumination – they serve as crucial elements in fortifying your home against various threats. By implementing appropriate security measures and maintenance practices, homeowners can harness the full potential of windows to enhance safety and security. Remember, a well-protected home begins with fortified windows – an invisible shield that safeguards your sanctuary. 

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One Caribbean Media Visits Showroom: A Glimpse into Domus Windows & Doors with CEO Mr. Terrance Ortt

In the dynamic landscape of the Caribbean business scene, companies that exemplify innovation and commitment to sustainability stand out. One such noteworthy entity is Domus Windows & Doors, a leading force in the construction industry. In this business blog report, we turn our focus to the visionary leader at the helm, Mr. Terrance Ortt, the CEO of Domus Windows & Doors, and explore how his leadership has shaped the company's trajectory toward excellence.

Domus Windows & Doors: A Beacon of Quality and Innovation

Under the stewardship of  Mr. Terrance Ortt, Domus Windows & Doors has emerged as a beacon of quality and innovation in the Caribbean. The company's commitment to delivering high-performance, hurricane-resistant, and energy-efficient windows and doors has positioned it as a leader in the region.

Visionary Leadership: Mr. Terrance Ortt's leadership philosophy centers on a combination of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity. His vision has steered Domus toward becoming a trusted name, synonymous with cutting-edge solutions in the uPVC windows and doors industry.

Innovative Product Offerings: Domus Windows & Doors, under Mr. Ortt's guidance, has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation. The product lineup features a range of hurricane-rated windows and doors that not only provide robust protection but also prioritize energy efficiency. This commitment to innovation has set Domus apart in a market that demands resilience without compromise.

ESG Compliance: Mr. Terrance Ortt places a strong emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) compliance. Domus Windows & Doors integrates sustainable practices into its operations, by ensuring end-of-life sustainability of its materials and finished products. The company's adherence to ESG standards aligns with global efforts towards a resilient, more responsible future.
Community Engagement: Beyond the boardroom, Mr. Ortt is actively involved in community education initiatives. Domus Windows & Doors doesn't just contribute to the local economy; it actively supports projects that enhance social well-being and resilience in the Caribbean communities it serves.
Customer-Centric Approach: At the heart of Mr. Terrance Ortt's leadership is a customer-centric approach. Domus prioritizes understanding and meeting the unique needs of its clients, ensuring satisfaction and trust. This approach has not only earned the company a loyal customer base but has also contributed to its sustained success.
One Caribbean Media Spotlights Domus Windows & Doors
As Domus continues to make waves in the Caribbean business landscape, One Caribbean Media (OCM) sought to feature the significance of the company's contributions. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Terrance Ortt, Bizz Connect host Ms. Achsah Gulston delves into the journey of Domus Windows & Doors, shedding light on the strategic decisions and values that have shaped the company’s success.
In this interview, Mr. Ortt shares insights into the challenges and triumphs of leading a company in the competitive windows and doors market. He discusses the importance of customer education, the role of innovation in product development, and the vision for Domus' future in the Caribbean and beyond.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers Association Impressed by Local Manufacturing Standards; Visits Domus' Factory

The Mission

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA) recently visited the Domus Windows & Doors factory, located in Trinidad at 57 Factory Road Chaguanas, to learn more about the company's operations and its contribution to the manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago. During the tour, the TTMA members were able to witness firsthand the process of making hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

Domus Windows & Doors is the leading Caribbean manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors, and its commitment to producing hurricane-resistant products is a testament to its dedication to climate resiliency. The process of making hurricane-resistant windows and doors is an intricate one, involving very strong laminate glass, specialized framing materials, and structural reinforcement.

The Factory Floor

During the factory tour, the Domus team led by C.E.O Terrance Ortt, demonstrated the manufacturing process step-by-step, from the cutting and laminating of glass to the final assembly. The Company's management team highlighted the importance of using the right materials and following the correct procedures to ensure that the products meet the necessary quality, wind load resistance, and impact standards.

The TTMA members were impressed by the level of precision and attention to detail that goes into making each hurricane-resistant window and door. They also noted the importance of such products in a region like the Caribbean, where hurricanes and tropical storms are becoming more frequent and intense.

The Value Behind Best Practices

The visit by the TTMA to Domus Windows & Doors is part of the association's efforts to support local manufacturers and promote the growth of the manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago. The TTMA recognizes the importance of manufacturing to the country's economy and aims to help local manufacturers like Domus succeed and grow. The members that attended the tour were recently elected TTMA President, Mr. Roger Roach, TTMA Vice-President, Mr. Emil Ramkissoon, TTMA Director and Chair of the Membership Committee, Mr. Anthony Farrah, and members of the secretariat, Ms. Ilanka Manrique, Mr. Troy Burns, and Ms. Brittney Ramdeen. They were all privy to an engaging presentation to add context to what they witnessed on the factory floor. Mr. Ortt's presentation deepened the understanding of the need for best practices

Overall, the visit to the Domus Windows & Doors factory provided a valuable opportunity to learn about how complex manufacturing can produce consistently high-quality security and hurricane-resistant windows and doors. The TTMA members were impressed by the sophistication of the Company’s manufacturing operations and its contribution to world-class manufacturing in Trinidad and Tobago.

Solar-E Security Laminate Windows & Doors: The Ultimate Solution for Energy Efficiency and Comfort Says Domus

When it comes to choosing the right windows and doors for your home, there are many factors to consider. Security, energy efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics are just a few of the things that can influence your decision. 

That's why laminate glass is such a popular option for homeowners and builders alike. And within the world of laminate glass, Pilkington Solar-E used by Domus is a product that stands out for its exceptional solar heat gain control properties.

What is Solar-E Glass?

Solar-E glass is a type of glass that has been specially designed to reduce the amount of solar heat gain that passes through the glass. This is accomplished through the use of a special coating that is applied to the glass during the manufacturing process. The coating blocks a significant amount of the sun's energy while still allowing visible light to pass through.

How Do Solar-E Security Laminate Windows & Doors Work?

It is not broadly known that approximately 85% of all heat gain through glazing is the result of solar radiation and only 15% by convection. Solar heat gain resistance is measured by Solar Heat Gain Coefficient or “SHGC”. 

Solar-E laminate units work by using a combination of reflective and absorptive properties to control solar energy transmission. The special coating that is applied to the glass reflects a large percentage of the sun's energy back into the atmosphere, reducing the amount of heat that is absorbed by and passed through the glass. This coating is then sandwiched into the security laminate glass for a complete solution.

In addition to reflecting direct or indirect rays of the sun the coating also absorbs much of the energy that passes through the glass, further reducing the amount of heat that enters the building.  At the same time, the laminate provides UV protection and secures the building by resisting impact.

Domus Windows & Doors' Solar-E units, have a durable “hardcoat” that is specifically designed to reduce solar heat gain. Double glazing reduces solar heat gain by 15% as compared to clear single-pane glass. But a single pane of Solar-E glass reduces solar heat gain by up to 50% relative to clear single-pane glass – which is more than three times as effective as double glazing. 

What Are the Benefits of Solar-E Security Laminate Windows & Doors?

The benefits of Solar-E laminate glass are numerous. First and foremost, it helps to reduce the amount of solar heat gain that enters the building, which can lead to significant energy savings on cooling costs. This is especially important in hot, sunny climates where air conditioning usage can be high. Solar-E laminate glass can also help to reduce glare.

Solar-E glazing improves the overall comfort of a space whether it is air-conditioned or not. “Hot spots” in rooms are reduced resulting in a more even temperature throughout. The interior temperature of buildings that are not air-conditioned will be reduced. In addition to its energy-saving properties, Domus’ laminate glass blocks more than 95% of harmful UV rays, which can damage furniture, flooring, and other interior finishes over time.

Domus’ Solar-E laminate glazing is more cost-effective than double glazing so this should always be the starting point when considering energy efficiency.

Finally, Solar-E laminate glass is available in various colours and textures, making it a versatile option for any design aesthetic. Whether you're looking for clear, grey, bronze, or blue-green tint there is a Domus Solar-E laminate glass product that will meet your needs. 

Where Can I Use Solar-E Security Laminate Windows & Doors?

Solar-E security laminate glass can be used in a wide range of applications, from residential energy-efficient windows and exterior doors to commercial storefronts. Anywhere that solar control is a concern, Solar-E sliding glass doors or swing patio doors are very excellent energy savers. And because they are available in a variety of thicknesses and configurations, they can be customized to meet the specific needs of your project.

In conclusion, Solar-E laminate glass is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a high-performance glass product that provides exceptional solar control and energy efficiency without compromising aesthetics. With its many benefits and versatility, Solar-E laminate glass, available at Domus Windows & Doors is sure to be a popular option for years to come.

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

DOMUS – A Promising Enterprise for Quality uPVC Products


Who doesn't want their property to be filled with high-quality materials that are also attractive? Naturally, yes is the common response. Domus unquestionably satisfies the needs and demands of every property owner as the industry leader in the Caribbean that produces premium uPVC windows and doors. You won't need to worry about choosing between quality and beauty because we are the window manufacturers of high-grade materials that also prove to be aesthetically pleasing.

What’s So Good About uPVC?

Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is a common material used in the creation of windows and doors. Due to the absence of plasticizers, it is more rigid and more durable than regular PVC. It is a rigid, strong, and versatile material. Additionally, a variety of customized options are available for manufacturing. The appearance of other materials, such as black and wood, can also be replicated using uPVC, however the natural colour of uPVC is white. This natural white colour will outlast any other pigment which is added. Aside from uPVC frames being fire retardant, recyclable, adaptable, and environmentally friendly, uPVC has a solid reputation.

uPVC; A Better Choice Than Aluminium

Homeowners currently face a new conundrum: which material to choose for their windows. This is due to the plethora of materials utilized in window manufacture. It has been quite a long time since the argument regarding uPVC windows vs. aluminum windows was started, and it is more difficult to reach an agreement than you may think it would be. Nevertheless, it is reasonable to conclude that uPVC is a winner due to the benefits it provides over aluminum. uPVC has the following benefits:

1- Pricing

Installing a window made of aluminum typically costs much more than installing a window made of uPVC due to production costs as well as the type of material it is.

Purchasing uPVC windows from Domus’ factory in Trinidad would be a wise decision for you if you want windows that you can install and then completely forget about. Not only are they typically less expensive than aluminum windows, but they also last remarkably long. When coupled with their great resistance to decay, uPVC windows are ideal for people wishing to put windows in any size building.

2- Energy Efficiency

The windows' ability to insulate your home is another crucial consideration. In this respect, aluminum is inferior to UPVC. In contrast to aluminum, it does not allow heat to pass through, making the other an ideal insulator. For a very long time, uPVC has been regarded as an excellent material to use for insulation, and many uPVC windows and doors have a very high level of thermal efficiency.

Additionally, multiple-point locks on multi-chambered UPVC door frames provide a superior seal. A benefit that some homeowners might find essential is the sound reduction that this feature gives UPVC windows and doors. Due to their superior thermal and acoustic insulation, UPVC windows and doors are substantially better.

3- Durability 

Undoubtedly, UPVC material has this benefit. UPVC windows, in contrast to metal, won't rust or deteriorate with time. Due to its low care requirements, UPVC merely has to be cleaned with a damp cloth to look brand new. In spite of its durability, an aluminum window supplier must be contacted for occasional maintenance of aluminum windows. Keep in mind, though, that double-glazed windows may require some upkeep over the course of their lifespan, including the replacement of sealed sections. Modern UPVC windows are often projected to last 30 to 40 years. In contrast, aluminum-clad windows (aluminum over wood) only have a lifespan of roughly half that, at no more than 15 to 20 years.

4- Aesthetics

You may not have realized it, but the windows, doors, and other items you select will be influenced by the design of your home far more than you might have thought. Whatever windows you eventually choose to go with will have to reflect the style you want to go with; this will depend on when your property was built, where it was built, or even how much your property is worth.

Effortless and stylish? Yes, the material you need to do both, is uPVC. There are more styles available than ever before, and some of them can even be customized to your own preferences. To fit your property's aesthetic and set it out from the other properties on the block, there is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations for your architect or contractor to create magic.

Domus Windows & Doors for the Caribbean

Domus Windows and Doors offers a broad selection of white uPVC window and door profiles that are extremely customizable and provide toughness, affordability, good fire resistance, a high operating pressure point, and a long lifespan - all thanks to their robust construction.

Modern equipment and technology are used to manufacture uPVC profiles from the highest-quality raw materials. Strict quality checks are a must at every stage of the procedure to guarantee the highest level of quality and performance. All profiles are produced using premium lead-free uPVC compounds which are then assembled accurately and scientifically.

Every step of the process is carefully observed by the quality control team, and hurricane-resistant units are put through a series of demanding quality inspections to guarantee compliance with international standards of quality that every contractor would love to work with. All of these organized and well-thought-out procedures enable us to produce beautiful, strong, and adaptable profiles that outperform your expectations and last for a very long time.

Our Distributors

Your home or place of business shouldn't contain materials of poor quality. For that reason, depend on Domus windows, which you can obtain from our growing list of distributors on most Caribbean islands by a quick Google search of uPVC windows near me. These include:

·         Damus Building Solutions (Trinidad)

·         T&Z Home Improvement Centre (Trinidad)

·         Allied Home Centre (Trinidad)

·         Ramlagans Hardware (Trinidad)

·         Ramrattans Hardware (Trinidad)

·         Almandoz Hardware Limited (Tobago)

·         Synergy Consultancy Ltd (Anguilla)

·         Do It Centre (Dominica)

·         Caribbean Shutters Windows & Doors (Agent) (Grenada)

·         Hardware Solutions Depot (Guyana)

·         Stages (Jamaica)

·         Caribbean Metals (St. Lucia)

·         Island Bazaar (St. Lucia)

Domus for Quality Components & Warranty Service

Components of Domus uPVC products have a 20-year warranty on frames against rot, swelling, blistering, peeling, rust, and corrosion. The best materials in the entire world are used by Domus. Due to the non-deterioration of Domus products, building owners and remodeling contractors can anticipate a lengthy time of productive usage with little maintenance and no replacement requirements.

An Invisible Shield: How Windows Safeguard Your Home

Introduction:  Windows, often overlooked in home security discussions, serve as essential components in safeguarding your residence. Beyond ...