Friday, April 21, 2023

Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers Association Impressed by Local Manufacturing Standards; Visits Domus' Factory

The Mission

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA) recently visited the Domus Windows & Doors factory, located in Trinidad at 57 Factory Road Chaguanas, to learn more about the company's operations and its contribution to the manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago. During the tour, the TTMA members were able to witness firsthand the process of making hurricane-resistant windows and doors.

Domus Windows & Doors is the leading Caribbean manufacturer of high-quality windows and doors, and its commitment to producing hurricane-resistant products is a testament to its dedication to climate resiliency. The process of making hurricane-resistant windows and doors is an intricate one, involving very strong laminate glass, specialized framing materials, and structural reinforcement.

The Factory Floor

During the factory tour, the Domus team led by C.E.O Terrance Ortt, demonstrated the manufacturing process step-by-step, from the cutting and laminating of glass to the final assembly. The Company's management team highlighted the importance of using the right materials and following the correct procedures to ensure that the products meet the necessary quality, wind load resistance, and impact standards.

The TTMA members were impressed by the level of precision and attention to detail that goes into making each hurricane-resistant window and door. They also noted the importance of such products in a region like the Caribbean, where hurricanes and tropical storms are becoming more frequent and intense.

The Value Behind Best Practices

The visit by the TTMA to Domus Windows & Doors is part of the association's efforts to support local manufacturers and promote the growth of the manufacturing sector in Trinidad and Tobago. The TTMA recognizes the importance of manufacturing to the country's economy and aims to help local manufacturers like Domus succeed and grow. The members that attended the tour were recently elected TTMA President, Mr. Roger Roach, TTMA Vice-President, Mr. Emil Ramkissoon, TTMA Director and Chair of the Membership Committee, Mr. Anthony Farrah, and members of the secretariat, Ms. Ilanka Manrique, Mr. Troy Burns, and Ms. Brittney Ramdeen. They were all privy to an engaging presentation to add context to what they witnessed on the factory floor. Mr. Ortt's presentation deepened the understanding of the need for best practices

Overall, the visit to the Domus Windows & Doors factory provided a valuable opportunity to learn about how complex manufacturing can produce consistently high-quality security and hurricane-resistant windows and doors. The TTMA members were impressed by the sophistication of the Company’s manufacturing operations and its contribution to world-class manufacturing in Trinidad and Tobago.

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